Who Will Survive When the Yellowstone Volcano Erupts?

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You don't have to Google very long to find stories about the dome of magma underneath Yellowstone. It's been there for as long as anyone can remember, but over the last few years, it has been increasing in size.

What does this mean? Some say it doesn't really mean anything. It's why Yellowstone is how it is, with geysers and all. In your Bing search, you don't have to search very hard to find other people--some with important-sounding letters beyond their names, others with tin-foil hats--who say the Yellowstone volcano is about to erupt.

Here's where it gets fun (or exciting, in a "let's all die" sort of way) because even the more respected of the scientists sat that, if the Yellowstone volcano blows, that's probably going to be it for North America. Between the resultant earthquakes and the ash, most everyone in North America is going to die; if not in the first few hours, then in the first few days. There was even a Russian minister a couple years ago who said that Russia ought to detonate a nuke over the Yellowstone dome and start the eruption, effectively taking the USA out of the world picture.

The obvious problem with such thinking--even from the Russian point of view--is that such a path would severely cripple Russia as well as the entire northern hemisphere battles the ash. Living in the southern hemisphere might not be a picnic, either.

This leads some of the prognosticators of various faiths to predict that the Yellowstone volcano is how God will choose to end the world.

What if the Yellowstone volcano erupts, but God still has plans for the world and it's people? Then He's going to provide a way for some of them to survive, right?

That's the premise behind "The Last Valley" (http://garisonfitch.com/book/complete-last-valley/) a series of novels available on Kindle & Nook and in paperback, about a brother and sister who--along with a few people who happened to be nearby--survive a volcano that wipes out the rest of North America. Locked into a little valley in Colorado, they first try to survive, then begin to actually build a life in the ash-covered mountains.

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"Sam White is such a great story teller! This book tells of what life could be like after a devastating volcano wipes out most of civilization and what the rebuilding looks like! Great story and great characters." ~cdavidson

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