18 Samuel Ben White Novels Now Available in Paperback!

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Have you been wanting to read one (or many) of my novels but don’t have a Kindle or Nook and cannot imagine reading a whole novel on your phone (I can’t, either)? Great news: many of my novels are now available in paperback and available from Amazon! You can also order them straight from me, pay with PayPal, and you not only get the same high-quality paperback you’d get from Amazon, you would be putting more money in my personal pocket.

As you peruse my other web site (http://www.garisonfitch.com), look for the handy “paperback” link on the pages for books where a paperback version is available. To get a price quote on ordering one or many, email me at garisonfitch@gmail.com and I’ll get you set-up.

The Nice Guy $9.99
the Return of the Nice Guy $8.49
Up to Bat $8.99
Last at Bat $8.99
Cheerleader, Gymnast, Flautist, Spy $11.49
Death Among Friends $8.49
Toltec Mountain $9.49
First Time $8.00
Saving Time $8.00
Lost Time $8.00
Ghosts of Families Past $10.49
All the Time in Our World $21.49
Some of the Time $20.99
TimeKeeperS $11.02
TimeKeeperS: Rectification $10.10
A Thousand Miles Away $10.99
Overstreet $24.99
Hating God: a Love Story $10.99

And don't forget: all these books and more are available on Kindle and Nook for $2.99 each!