The Battle to Be Fought?

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I've been reading "Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy by Eric Metaxas " and am blown away. I knew Bonhoeffer was an early-20th century German theologian and I knew he had been imprisoned and killed by the Nazis, but I didn't know much else. A quote here and there, but that's it.

As I read of his courage and passion, many thoughts come to mind, but the one I’ve been wrestling with these last few days (with no concrete answer, yet) has been, “Is there a battle I need to be fighting as he fought his?” He began his fight with the Nazis long before his untimely death in 1945 and, really, that’s not who his fight was with. That’s just what most of us notice these days and, really, that’s partly because we have the benefit of hindsight and can say, “The Nazi’s? Of course they were evil and of course a Christian minister would fight them!!”

But Bonhoeffer’s fight was much deeper and more personal than that. He was fighting for the soul of the German church—and, indeed, the whole worldwide church—for he saw the church around him selling out their core beliefs in the twin names of national pride and self preservation. He was proud to be German, but his German-ness (?) didn’t come before his faith in Christ Jesus, and neither did his sense of self-preservation.

So, before almost anyone else saw just how anti-Christian Hitler’s regime was, Bonhoeffer was speaking and writing and trying to change minds and hearts. He looks prophetic now as we read that he saw the vile evil of the Nazis while even some of his mentors were still thinking some common ground could be found with the National Socialists.

Is there such a fight that I should be waging today? Theological liberalism—evinced in the ages-old methodology of claiming to hold the Bible in high esteem while treating everything it says as opinion or myth—is rampant in the churches today, but there are still faithful congregations in every town—and all over the world. Or what about the lazy heresy of the “Hipster Doofus Gospel” as purveyed by Rob Bell and the “emergent” movement? Should I join the fight against that, or is it enough to just keep preaching the truth of what Scripture says?

Maybe I should step up my efforts of working with the poor, the dying or another “group”. I volunteer with both our local hospice and at our local hospital, but is there a bigger fight I should be taking up? I’ve begun to help with a drug and alcohol recovery ministry—and I know that’s something that effects millions and millions of people. Should I step that up? Am I being called to be a general or a foot-soldier? And, of course, there’s the question of whether it’s better to be involved in several ministries, and fight the devil on many fronts, or to concentrate all my firepower in one area.

Ezekiel in the morning and Bonhoeffer at night. Making my mind, heart and soul do some calisthenics!