Question About the End of "Some of the Time"

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I got a letter from Amazon today because a reader of mine has written in to say that “Some of the Time” is incomplete and could they contact me and find out what happened to the rest of the story. This same person has also posted a similar message on a couple message boards. They seem to really enjoy the book and are almost in distress over what they perceive to be a mistake on the part of the publisher.

Why they haven’t gone to this website (which is listed in the back of the book), clicked the contact button, and written me I have no idea.

Whoever this person is, if he or she does stumble by this website I would like to tell them two things: I love your passion for the stories and the characters and, two, it’s a cliffhanger. I’m hoping to release part three in the Edward and Marianne saga in 2012.