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A Shot of Crassitude

If you are one of the people who watched the Grammy Awards on Sunday night and thought the best performance of the night was by singer Natalie Grant who walked out on the “show”, don’t feel too bad. It just means you have taste.

Or forgot the Grammys were on.


Unless you’ve been living under a rock (and my considered advice to you right now is, “Go back! While you still can!”), you have heard of the internet phenomenon of Twitter. Maybe you haven’t tried it yet, though, because you think it’s only for young hep cats.

Well, let me tell you right now: if you are still using the phrase “hep cats” you should thank God you’re breathing at all because what are you? Like 150?!?!

Whatever Happened to HIPAA?

As a volunteer with both our local hospice and our local hospital, I have to take a class once a year about patient confidentiality. It is so drilled into our heads that we are not to discuss our patients' medical condition(s), name or even beverage preference that I am afraid to even tell my wife when I've been to the hospital to visit someone.

Wife: “Where have you been?”
Me: “Um, happy hour at that really sleazy bar.”
Wife (knowingly): “I hope it's not cancer.”

Thanksgiving Article

This week, I have heard two different sermons which mentioned that our culture seemed to be forgetting about Thanksgiving.

Wait, that’s not strictly accurate. I only heard one sermon that said that. I preached the other one.

Anyway, as I got to thinking about it on Monday morning, I began to wonder if it’s true. What if we haven’t forgotten about Thanksgiving?

For one thing, we’re talking about it now, aren’t we? Well, I’m writing about it and, as far as I can tell, you’re reading about it. So, there are at least two of us who have remembered Thanksgiving, right?

Just Shove it ALL in a Cup

According to legend, it was a man named Earl who invented the hamburger. Or, possibly, the sandwich. Living in a cave (or, maybe a castle), he was tired of getting the sauce from the meat all over his hands. He first thought of wrapping the meat in an old towel, but his wife was always buying those super-absorbent ones which are terribly hard to digest.

Cisco and the World's Biggest Pool

One of my earliest memories involves going to Cisco, Texas, which is east of Abilene on I-20. (If you don't know where Abilene is, you may have to Google it; I can't do everything for you.) If you've ever been to Cisco, you may be wondering why I would remember going there.

Photographic Memory

I like taking pictures, but I have never been particularly good at it. I don’t feel too bad about this now, because I have come to realize that most people with cameras have about the same skill level as I do. There are a few people who are really good, and the rest of us are saved by our equipment.

Things that Never Were

In the town where I grew up (Abilene [which, by the way, is not exactly 'the finest town I ever seen”]) there was a place on the northeast side of town called “Old Abilene Town”. Built out on I-20, so it would have been visible to people traveling between Dallas and Midland (and trying their best to ignore Abilene as much as possible), it was a conglomeration of buildings designed to look like an old west town.

Shutdown Korner

As I sit here pondering the cost of having some federal workers go erect concrete barriers on all the roads leading to Lake Meredith verses the cost of the previous practice of never having anyone helpful there when you needed them, I’ve come to the conclusion that we’ve all been played.

Scratch that. We’ve all been had.

Who Are These People?

If I were easily influenced—OK, more easily influenced than I already am—I think I would find our modern world scary. OK, more scary than it already is.

For instance, a particularly insecure person—someone who needs constant affirmation of their friendships with other people—would seem to be incredibly vulnerable to this modern phenomenon—experienced by yours truly just moments ago—of a complete stranger telling me they want to share “Instant Messages” with me.

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