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Excerpt from "TimeKeeperS"

Just after Christmas, Marianne was invited to a “National Invitational” Archery Tournament in Denver and elected to go, hoping to use the trip to connect with some distant relatives who lived in the mountains near there. Even though Denver isn’t particularly close to La Plata Canyon, Garison and Heather were planning to go up and watch the tournament just because it was going to be “in state”. And then Heather got started talking to Jody and her “quick trip” came to involve a flight to Arizona to pick us up and take us to Denver with them.

Excerpt from "A Thousand Miles Away" (available on Nook & Kindle)

I woke up to find someone trying to feed me broth. My head was pounding and I reached up to find it bandaged. I remembered the other shot and felt of my chest. Finally, I found where a bullet had passed through my side, apparently hitting nothing crucial and not even particularly tender to the touch.

A voice was saying, “You need to eat this. Get your strength back up.”

Excerpt from "Death Among Friends" (available on Kindle & Nook)

When I got my private investigator’s license I figured my life would be a lot like the lives of those guys who used to show up late at night in the old shows on cable. High speed car chases, fist fights (where I would always win), and beautiful women who find a guy with a spotty income strangely alluring. Occasionally even solving a case.

Why was I so often surprised back in those days when life didn’t imitate art? Or even TV?

Sample from "TimeKeeperS: Rectification"

The following is a sample from "TimeKeeperS: Rectification" available on Kindle and Nook (order it here: http://garisonfitch.com/book/timekeepers2-rectification/)

As Marianne made her way toward what had once been downtown Amarillo, she wondered if it might have been better to wait until dark, or at least dusk. She was an expert at moving around in low light and not being seen, but she felt exposed in the middle of the day like that. It was also quite warm.

Excerpt from "Ghosts of Families Past" (available on Kindle & Nook)

The explosion wasn't the most startling thing to happen to me that year, not even that six month period. It was just a really stark moment in time that was to change everything I knew over the following few days and weeks.

Surprisingly, though, even as it was a glass-shattering, life ending, honest-to-goodness explosion, at the very moment it happened, it just didn't really seem like that big of a deal.

It suddenly struck me that I was nesting.

Why Millenials Are Leaving the Church

Recently, my attention was drawn, via Facebook, to two different blogs by two separate bloggers (can’t remember if I were sent them by the same person) dealing with the same problem: why the church is losing millennials. In both cases, they were appended with notes that read something like, “Well-written article.”

And they were. They both contained nothing but correctly spelled words, the grammar was impeccable, and the syntax was fully paid-up for the fiscal quarter.

They were also remarkably similar.

In the News

Ministers—professional preachers, anyway—have been in the news recently, both nationally and locally. And it hasn’t been good.

That, in itself, is a shame, on many levels.

Do We Have Something Better to Do With Our Time Than Worrying About the Aliens?

I receive an email letter each week from a prominent Christian ministry with whom I generally agree. (I say generally even though, to date, I can’t think of a specific stance of theirs I disagreed with—though I have not read every issue assiduously so there may have been other points with which I would have differed.) Within each email, there is a question—ostensibly sent in by a reader—and then an answer provided by the ministry.

The question last week was, “Did Jesus die for aliens, too?”

The Appeal of Legalism

Legalism is one of those things we dislike in other people but generally like if we get to set the parameters. And what’s really wrong with it? we wonder. (When it’s our legalism, anyway. We know what’s wrong with everyone else’s legalism.) It just means that some things are right and others are wrong, right?

That’s fine in math.

To Think Nobly

A particular TV show has been recommended to me quite often of late, several of the recommendations coming from Christians I respect. I don’t have cable, satellite or Netflix, though, so my only way to watch would be through the purchase of DVDs. Before plunking down that kind of money, I thought I ought to do a little research to see what the show was like.

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