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There's a new movie coming out called "Eragon" which you may have seen the commercials for. It's based on a novel by the same which you probably haven't read but have given as a gift to a niece or nephew in the last few years. They probably loved it, which led to the writer writing the sequel.

Comic Book Guys

I like comic strips. Recently, at a local bookstore, I saw a magazine about comic art so I picked it up (to read it there, I didn’t pay anything). A quick perusal of the table of contents and the contents themselves proved that the mag was focused on comic books rather than comic strips.

The End of the World?

I had a friend call up recently and ask me if I thought this (especially in reference to the Middle East situation) was the end of the world. My answer was an equivocating, "It sure seems like it could be!"

Whatever Happened to "The Sporting News"?

One of the great mysteries of the twenty-first century has to be "What happened to 'The Sporting News'?"

Back in the twentieth century, where I grew up, there was this incredible magazine called "The Sporting News". It came out every week and—from about 1981-1993 I read it cover to cover 50+ times a year (sometimes they only did 51 issues a year, putting out a big double-sized issue at the end of the year).

Smaller Restaurant Portions-Protecting the Stupid

Some recent studies have recommended that American restaurants start serving smaller portions. Apparently, these large restaurant portions are why Americans can no longer fit into Yugos.

Call me a reactionary or some sort of revolutionary, but I don't think it's the restaurant's fault that the people eating there are stupid. Patrons don't have to order the big serving and they don't have to eat everything on their plate. If a restaurant can make a profit by convincing to people to eat huge portions of dog food, it's not the restaurant that needs intervention.

Superbowl Conspiracy

For several months now, almost three, it has been widely reported and even believed that the Pittsburgh Steelers won the last Super Bowl against the Seattle "Seahawks".

Almost 80,000 people watched the game in person and another few million people saw it on television. Since then, they have discussed it over lunches, water-coolers and in blogs.

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