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"Tuttle's" Comic Strips are Now at

While this site is being reconstructed, you can find brand new "Tuttle's" cartoons six days a week at!

What is the Cut-Off Point on False Teaching?

What’s the cut-off point on false teaching?

Here’s what I mean: the Bible is clearly against false teachers. We’re supposed to warn then not have anything to do with them (see 2 Timothy 2, 2 Peter 2). We certainly shouldn’t let false teachers teach in our churches/assemblies/whatever (see esp. 2 John).

But where’s the cut-off on that?

The Need for a Safe Space

“Safe spaces” are in the news lately. Often, outside the places where they are being held, they are derided as a method of coddling “snowflakes”, i.e. college kids who are biological adults but seem to have the emotional maturity of a stunted Chihuahua.

I have to admit: I have done my share of chuckling at and deriding of these snowflakes.

What if I told you, though (or told me, since I’m the one deriding and chuckling), that the concept of a safe space is Biblical. Not only that, but it was pretty much commanded of his followers by none other than Jesus himself?

Political Debate is Theater

Watching the political debates, what little I could stomach, anyway, made me think about what I knew was coming:

-- Everyone who already supported him was going to say he won.

-- Everyone who already supported her would say she won.

-- Almost no minds would be changed.

-- The media would spin it the way they were going to spin it no matter what happened within the debate itself.

Wearing Glasses

"Men seldom make passes at girls who wear glasses." ~Dorothy Parker

"My grandmother lived to be ninety-five and never needed glasses. She always just drank right out of the bottle." ~unknown

I am fifty years old now and wearing my first pair of glasses. I don't know that it makes me feel old (everything is doing that!) but it is making the world seem like a moonscape. The ground is too close and has rolls in it, the table tops are trapezoid shaped and leaning away from me, and peripheral is a fun-house mirror.

God said, "No."

I had always wanted to be a writer, practically from the first time I learned that one could take those letters we were being taught and shape them into words, which could be gathered together into sentences with which to create stories someone would want to read.

Not a Good Listener? Who Cares?

I am known as a "good listener".

I am not.

What I am is quiet. For most people, that seems to be enough. In this world, people are looking--mostly in vain--to find someone who will allow them to complete their own thoughts. Barring that, at least a single sentence. I do that: I sit silently while they speak and don't interrupt until they're done, so people assume that I'm listening.

Or, they just like the appearance that I'm listening. Because everywhere else they go in life, someone finishes their sentences for them.

Who Will Survive When the Yellowstone Volcano Erupts?

You don't have to Google very long to find stories about the dome of magma underneath Yellowstone. It's been there for as long as anyone can remember, but over the last few years, it has been increasing in size.

What does this mean? Some say it doesn't really mean anything. It's why Yellowstone is how it is, with geysers and all. In your Bing search, you don't have to search very hard to find other people--some with important-sounding letters beyond their names, others with tin-foil hats--who say the Yellowstone volcano is about to erupt.

Why I Prefer the Prequels to Episode 7

OK, I realize my title is already causing some readers to object and/or question my sanity. I realized that when I wrote it. I didn’t want to write some cutesy blog where-in I bury the lead somewhere near the bottom. So, just in case there’s some doubt, let me assure you that:

--yes, I really do prefer the prequels to episode 7; and
--yes, I am talking about the “Star Wars” movies.

18 Samuel Ben White Novels Now Available in Paperback!

Have you been wanting to read one (or many) of my novels but don’t have a Kindle or Nook and cannot imagine reading a whole novel on your phone (I can’t, either)? Great news: many of my novels are now available in paperback and available from Amazon! You can also order them straight from me, pay with PayPal, and you not only get the same high-quality paperback you’d get from Amazon, you would be putting more money in my personal pocket.

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